NHL Rumors: Things Pointing Towards the Vancouver Canucks Signing Phil Kessel

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal and Don Taylor talking about things trending in the direction of the Vancouver Canucks signing Phil Kessel.

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Taylor: “What are you hearing? We know Abbotsford host Colorado and out in Abbotsford. What’s happening with Phil Kessel and the possibility of him joining the Vancouver Canucks?

Dhaliwal: “All right Donnie, Kessel arrived in Vancouver two weeks ago . He started working out for the Canucks the very next day. This past week, last week he worked out again, it was with the Abbotsford Canucks .

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I am not hearing anything negative when it comes to the Canucks and Kessel. He will continue to work out this week. All sides want this to end with the signing. The goal was always to sign Kessel. I think that’s where it’s trending.

He is not going to start in Abbotsford from what I’m told. It’s going to be a sign with the Canucks first if it happens, that’s when it’s trending, and then possibly a conditioning assignment in Abbotsford after signing, if that’s the way they go.

But definitely not hearing anything negative Don. He has been all positive so far. In the fact that he is still in Abbotsford and working out with the Canucks two weeks after arriving in Vancouver, that’s a good sign. This will end up with a signing at some point.

Taylor: “I think this comes down to the category, maybe we talked about this last week, give it a shot.”

Dhaliwal: “Give it a shot.

Taylor: “It’s not going to cost you anything in terms of assets. Obviously, you have to pay him something, prorated, so it’s not going to cost you a draft pick. It’s not going to cost you a roster player or prospect, anything like that.

Dhaliwal: “No.”

Taylor: “I think it’s worth a shot, especially when you talk about all the people in the Canucks organization, who used to be the Pittsburgh organization, like Rick Tocchet, who were very familiar with Phil Kessel.

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Dhaliwal: “And Donnie, look what the Canucks did last game against Boston. They went very strong up the middle of the ice. They went Pettersson, Miller, Lindholm, and Blueger. That tells me there’s a lot of openings for Phil on the wings because they move Lindholm from wing to center. So you know what it putting Phil in the lineup will not be a big issue because they got four centerman and they got openings on the wing.