NHL Rumors: What will the Edmonton Oilers look to add before the deadline?

JayOnSC: Mike Johnson and Craig Button on with Jay Onrait Tuesday talking about the Edmonton Oilers and if they should make some moves before the trade deadline.

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Onrait: “The Oilers still have their first-rounder. They’ve won 16 straight games going into Tuesday (lost to the Golden Knights). Mike, is there a move you’d like to see Kenny Holland make along the lines of the one that the Canucks and Jets did?

Johnson: “Sure, I mean, you don’t want to mess with a good thing, though, Jay. You have to respect how well that team is playing. How much chemistry has been developed with this long winning streak, how much they believe in each other. You don’t want to disrupt that.

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But I still think. I know they got Corey Perry basically for the price of nothing because he just added him middle of season, but even another upgrade on a forward front would be something that the Oilers should consider. They don’t have a ton of depth in their bottom-six still, even though it’s gotten better, and I think that would be a place that doesn’t cost too much. You could get an upgrade, you get a proven player that can help in a couple different roles.

Craig, to me. I know everyone talks about defense but defensively they’ve been spectacular under Knoblauch. I would rather see them going into depth forward. Won’t cost too much. Very feasible to do.

Button: “I’m exactly in the same place. We look at how well they play offensively,  defensively now 18 goals in their last 14 games under Chris Knoblauch. They’ve been fantastic.

Certainly, when you start getting into playoffs and you’re trying to get into that role with your four lines and try to wear down an opponent. Bruce Cassidy said that they beat Edmonton last year with their third and fourth lines.

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A stronger bottom six, the Edmonton Oilers will give them a better chance and I think the opportunities are there. Ken Holland can look in those areas. And I don’t think the price will be significant, but I think that it could be really helpful to the Oilers chances come playoff time.