NHL Rumors: When Will Patrick Kane Make a Decision?

TSN: Pierre LeBrun when asked for the latest on Patrick Kane’s progress.

“I reached out to his agent Pat Brisson on this day and he said “he’s progressing very well” as to where Kane was. Everything is still in the right direction for him to be medically cleared at some point in early-to-mid November.

Until then, Brisson doesn’t want to start entertaining conversations with teams. They want to get him cleared or close to cleared before they go back and re-engage with teams. About a dozen teams reached out on July 1 to ask to be kept in the loop and several teams have stayed in touch. It’s all on pause until Kane is medically cleared.”

NHL News: Waivers, Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Patrick Kane

Kevin Weekes: with John Buccigross on ESPN Intermission Report – News of the Weekes, on free agent Patrick Kane.

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Buccigross: “Patrick Kane turns 35 month. He’s out there getting that hip stronger, and then he’ll just pick his team. He’s going to pick his team based on who can win a cup. Where’s Kaner going to end up and like when do you think his first game might be, rough estimate?

Weekes: “I heard from somebody close to the situation that Patrick Kane could be playing within a month. That’s how he’s healed to this point. That’s how he’s feeling to this point.

Now, a couple factors. Number one, he wants to go to a contender. Number two, he wants to be an impact player on said contender. Number three now, could he go to a team that has some LTIR in place already?

Could that be Colorado? Could it be Tampa? Those are the best fits for me. Sorry, for the Buffalo fans out there.

Daily Faceoff: Frank Seravelli when asked when Patrick Kane will make a decision.

Tyler Yaremchuk: “Carter asked this question in the Youtube chat. I’ll float it your way.

When is expected to make a decision? Is it going to be well before he comes back or will it be, ‘Okay, I’m in game shape, now I’m jumping into the lineup’?”

Servalli: “I don’t know the specific answer to that, but the answer is, nothing before November. So we got two weeks left. Halloween is two weeks from today, last day of October. Which means this isn’t really that far off. That’s sometime in November is the target date for Patrick Kane. To get moving again and make some kind of decision.

NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane Drawing Interest From Several Teams

As mentioned, keep an eye on those three teams (Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, and New York Rangers). There will be others coming out of the woodwork to try and make a pitch but I think those three teams are sort of some of the ones have been mentioned to this point.”