Rumors I: Coyotes and Hurricanes, Las Vegas Relocation Candidates?
  • Luke DeCock: “Don’t work yourself up over” Dan Patrick’s speculation about the Hurricanes moving to Las Vegas.
  • Luke DeCock of the Raleigh News & Observer: Hurricanes Peter Karmanos is looking to sell chucks of the team to local investors, but he’s been more involved with the team and not less even as he searches for investors. The Hurricanes arena lease gives them the incentive to remain as they control the arena. Relocating to Vegas and not through expansion would cost the owners money.
  • Dan Patrick: From a financial source, it’s a done deal and there will be a team in Las Vegas by 2016. Question being, will it be an expansion team or by relocation. Patrick then says that two relocation candidates are the Coyotes (there is a clause in their deal that the NHL can step in if they are losing “x” amount of money) and the Hurricanes. Owner Peter Karmanos is reportedly asking for an exorbitant amount of money for the team.  The owners would prefer a expansion as they would get more money.