NHL Rumors: NHL Expansion is coming and splitting the difference down the middle

Allan Walsh believes that NHL expansion is coming soon than later and his pet peave during contract negotiations.

No Need For More Expansion in the NHL

The NHL continues to be asked about potential expansion, however, the league feels they are in a good spot thus no need to right now.

NHL Rumors: Seravalli On the NHL Expansion Talk

Seravalli: “… you don’t really have to squint all that hard to see that it’s certainly possible that the NHL expands to 33 or 34 teams in the not-so-distant future.”

NHL Rumors: Could the NHL Expand by Four Teams and Not Two?

If and when the NHL is looking at expansion, could they be thinking four teams and not two? And do they have four cities in mind?

NHL Rumors: NHL Expansion Speculation – Houston and Atlanta

There is definitely something up with all this NHL expansion speculation, but how far down the road is it realistically?

NHL Rumors: Columbus Blue Jackets, Montreal Canadiens, and NHL Expansion

The Blue Jackets will be on the lookout for defensemen this offseason. Could the Canadiens re-sign Sean Monahan? NHL expansion rumors

NHL Rumors: NHL Expansion, Montreal Canadiens, Sean Monahan and Brock Boeser

Should the Montreal Canadiens be interested in Brock Boeser? Will NHL expansion talk start in a couple of years?

NHL Franchise News: Flames, Hurricanes, Seattle and Quebec City

On the Calgary Flames … John Shannon: Also at yesterday’s meeting, Murray…

NHL Rumors: Scouting CAR-DAL, Blues and Jagr, Maple Leafs and NHL Expansion

Scouting the Carolina Hurricanes and Dallas Stars … Luke DeCock: Scouts listed…

NHL News: Power Plays, Devils, Kings, Coyotes, Wild, NHL Expansion and Hanzal

On Power plays … John Shannon: Number of power plays through the…

NHL Rumors: Chicago Blackhawks and Seattle

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