NHL News: Gary Bettman and Executives Discuss Hub Cities and Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL releases some info on the what life will look like in the Hub cities of Toronto and Edmonton.

NHL News: NHL and NHLPA Nearing A Deal … Edmonton And Toronto To Be Hub Cities

The NHL and NHLPA are closing in a deal for Returning to Play, Hub cities, and a CBA extension. Edmonton and Toronto will be Hub cities.

NHL News: Hub City Delays, Salary Cap Will Strangle Contenders, 15 Positive COVID Tests, and Areas To Limit Exposure

Work on protocols delaying Hub city locations? Salary cap the next three years will strangle contenders. 15 NHL players test positive for COVID.

NHL News: Phase 3 and Phase 4, CBA and Hub City Talk

The Boston Bruins don’t have any reservations about playing. CBA and Hubs city talk and negotiations continue.