2021-22 Top 10 New York Rangers Prospects

The New York Rangers future stars should have plenty of support along the way from this young pool of prospects.

2021-22 Top 10 New York Islanders Prospects

The future of the New York Islanders may be dark with a thin prospect pool and some expensive, veteran contracts.

2021-22 Top 10 New Jersey Devils Prospects

While the overall depth of the Devils prospect pool is very good, what is even more impressive is the youth already playing on the roster.

2021-22 Top 10 Nashville Predators Prospects

The Nashville Predators prospect pool has gotten better despite recent graduates. The Preds have enjoyed drafting success with few early-round busts.

2021-22 Top 10 Montreal Canadiens Prospects

Montreal has a good young roster with players evolving into stars with a good supporting cast coming down the prospect pipeline despite a disappointing 2021 Entry Draft

2021-22 Top 10 Los Angeles Kings Prospects

Los Angeles Kings Prospects: The combination of quality and quantity of draft picks, player development, the Kings find themselves in an excellent position.

2021-22 Top 10 Edmonton Oilers Prospects

The Edmonton Oilers have some quality prospects and decent depth in the prospect pool albeit no real future surefire impact players.

2021-22 Top 10 Detroit Red Wings Prospects

The bounties from that draft are well represented in these rankings as the Red Wings have a very deep prospect pool developing.

2021-22 Top 10 Columbus Blue Jackets Prospects

The Columbus Blue Jackets decided to hit the reset and begin a rebuild, moving on from names like Nick Foligno, Seth Jones, and David Savard. In return, they added several 2021 first-round picks that have replenished a depleted prospect pool.