NHL Rumors: And the Vancouver Canucks Offseason Plan Is…..

Sekeres and Price: Frank Seravalli on what the Vancouver Canucks offseason plan is.

Blake Price: “What does that signing (Filip Hronek) do to the rest of the Canucks? Is there an obvious thing, that okay with that done, now they’re gonna, they’re gonna, do ‘X.’ And maybe it’s (Jake) Guentzel or is it refashioning the D, leaving behind Zadorov, signing Zadorov? Do you see the Hronek shoe dropping, means x? Is that a thing?

Seravalli: “Yes it is. the Hronek shoe dropping is the biggest puzzle piece to put in place because now, since you’ve got your top right shot guy locked up and you’ve made your captain happy, you then have some cost certainty on what the rest of the market looks like.

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There’s still one other domino to fall, and that’s Ilya Mikheyev and that trade. They’re going to have to pull the trigger sooner rather than later. And if it means ultimately, having to attach an asset to it, they’ve done it before they’re going to have to do it again, potentially.

The reason why you’ve seen reports that the Canucks have given Mikheyev’s agent to, to fashion a trade is because they’ve had no luck to this point. And everyone has said to him, ‘Hey, we don’t really mind the player at that contract, but we’re not just going to let you out of jail for free. We’re not going to take them off your hands for free. Make us, give us something to do it.’

Which you watch the Barclay Goodrow waiver claim this week and it kind of still makes you wonder, like why did the Sharks do that for free? Doesn’t make any sense.

But that’s an aside. So the first domino was Hronek. The second one needs to be Mikheyev. The third one, provided that they can move Mikheyev. I, I’m reasonably confident that their plan is sign Hronek. move Mikheyev, re-sign Zadorov, go after Jake Guentzel. That’s what I believe their plan of attack is and their posture here over the next 11, 12 days.

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Whether or not they can make all of that happen. Is Guentzel going to stay in Carolina? Do the Canes have the best offer potentially at eight years? There’s a lot that can go on but I, I believe that’s their plan.