NHL Rumors: Carolina Hurricanes, Vancouver Canucks and J.T. Miller

Sekeres and Price: Darren Dreger on the Carolina Hurricanes and with Sekeres and Dreger talking J.T. Miller

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Dreger: “They collectively have been too quiet, and no different than any other owner in pro sport, this owner is engaged and he wants to win. And you do have to be mindful of the opportunity.

You know, are the Carolina Hurricanes going to be as good next year as they appear to be right now? There’s no guarantee of that when you look around the Eastern Conference.

So I’d be godsmacked if (Hurricanes GM Don) Waddell doesn’t do something of significance.

Matt Sekeres: “Ya, boy, I just think (J.T.) Miller would be great there. (Hurricanes coach Rod) Brind’Amour loves his forecheckers right? J.T. is fantastic at forechecking. Hybrid, can score goals for them. They like players with term. He’s got term. But I know it’s a huge contract to take on.”

Dreger: “They could do it though. They could do it for sure. For sure they could do it.”

Sekeres: “That’s one of the teams that could, especially when you take at look at who is coming off the books. Like they’ve got a lot of money coming off books, Carolina does. A lot of cap space for next, hell they’re $30 million in cap space for next year. That’s, if you’re moving Miller with this extension, you’re doing for a team like that, that is a wash in cap space going forward.”

Dreger: “You’re right, and just to put a bowl on the Miller story for today’s purpose, and maybe for the moment we’re having a conversation. Until Patrick Allvin comes out and says we’re not trading J.T. Miller, at least we’re just not doing it by the deadline, then we’re going to continue to talk about it.

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And as long as we continue to talk about it, the teams that are interested are going to continue to pester Patrick Allvin.

So, maybe somebody steps up. We’re probably not going to know until Friday.