NHL Rumors: Could Anthony Mantha be a Fallback for Teams That Don’t Land Jake Guentzel?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Six Degrees of Chris Chelios episode on Washington Capitals pending UFA Anthony Mantha and how he’s playing well, increasing his trade value.

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Marek: “You know we did himself a lot of good this weekend when it comes to trade deadline. Maybe finding a new home. Maybe establishing and getting it foothold somewhere else. And I don’t know about being this year’s version of Ivan Barbashev but Anthony Mantha of the Washington Capitals. And Anthony Mantha is having a real good season. He’s scoring goals this year and he was able to do what a lot of people have only dreamed they’d be able to do and that is fight Nick Cousins. You don’t think that got, made, that got noticed around the NHL on Sunday?”

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Friedman: “I’m sure it did. No question about it. You know, Washington’s been trying to trade Mantha for a long time, but now we’re coming down to the time where he’s the UFA and the salary isn’t as much anymore.

He’s gotten the hot at the right time. And there’s gonna be someone who’s going to say, we’re going to take a chance because he’s playing for his next deal. And he’ll be highly motivated to play for his next deal. I have no doubt that’s the case.”

Marek:”You know need teams looking for a left winger? Maybe the team that is looking at (Jake) Guentzel.”

Friedman: “I know a bunch. I know a bunch.”

Marek: “Look, if you don’t get Jake Guentzel, maybe look at Anthony Mantha.”

Friedman: “Who knows, who knows Anthony Mantha better than anyone else?”

Marek: “The Detroit Red Wings.”

Friedman: “and?”

Marek: “Ken Holland.”

Friedman: “Yep.”

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Marek: “Ken Holland drafted him and Edmonton Oilers are looking for a winger. And last time I checked teams in Alberta like it a little bit rough, see last Saturday specifically on Hockey night in Canada.”