NHL Rumors: Could the Buffalo Sabres be in on Timo Meier?


Sabres Live: Darren Dreger on Friday on San Jose Sharks Timo Meier.

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Marty Biron: “If the Sabres were in on him, and maybe they’re making calls, what’s the price for Timo Meier right now?”

Dreger: “Well, it’s lofty and it’s similar to what you pay for any top player creeping up to the trade deadline. What’s unique about this one is, you do contract to some degree.

We know what the qualifying offer looks like. We know that the extension is going to be a significant one. But you also look at Timo Meier and what he can provide.

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So it’s got to include a first-round draft pick. It’s got to include a young NHL player. Maybe there’s a prospect thrown into that mix. And all of that is negotiable depending on the quality of players or how high the pick might be.

But let’s just revisit what you said Marty for a moment. I feel like (GM Kevyn) Adams got dragged into this speculation. There’s no doubt in my mind that he had a conversation with Mike Grier, but Kevyn Adams would touch base with 31 other general managers, right? That’s what you do. You do your due diligence and you want to make sure there isn’t an obvious area, a player available that can improve your lineup.

But he’s also very sensitive as he should be to what they have in Buffalo. You don’t want to bring in a piece like that and disrupt what’s going on. Have you seen enough of the younger players to know that you need that piece? And the answer to that is, no they haven’t seen it yet.

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So, I think he tire kicked at best, but I think it would have to be a dream acquisition in terms of limited pieces going out the other way, back to San Jose for Buffalo to be a big player.”