NHL Rumors: Could the Canucks Flip Elias Lindholm to the Bruins and end up with Jake Guentzel?

Donnie & Dhaliwal: Chris Johnston on the report that the Vancouver Canucks could consider trading forward Elias Lindholm to the Boston Bruins and to possibly acquire Jake Guentzel.

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Don Taylor: “You tweeted out something regarding this yesterday and we appreciate that, Chris, but what can you tell us about the possibility of the Canucks unloading Elias Lindholm to Boston in order to land Jake Guentzel?

Johnston: “Well, I certainly still think it’s a possibility. And, you know, you guys will be aware of this watching team closely, I don’t think the fit has been quite perfect. And obviously, the Canucks are in a mode where this is an important trade deadline.

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It’s been a great season and I think that they’re considering a lot of different options t this point in time. You know, we also have sort of unique market conditions, I’d say league wide. There really are not a lot of centermen available on the market. You know, one of them that is actually is Adam Henrique and Anaheim and it sounds like a deal might be going down as we speak right now, that would send him to Edmonton.

And so, you know, it seemed like the Bruins is looking around and saying, I mean, why wouldn’t we do this? I mean, it’s very strange. I can’t think of an instance and I asked a few people in my network today if they can have potentially a player being bought before the deadline and sold at the same deadline. But you know, that that remains a possibility here and you know.

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Part of it to, Elias Lindholm doesn’t have any trade protection in his contract and so you know, he’s kind of a perfect storm of things that I think have at least made this a possibility. And, you know, a lot of it hinges I think, on where things ends up with Jake Guentzel and that that market remains a little bit murky to me. And I’m not sure exactly where the Guentzel talks stand right now with Pittsburgh and the teams that are calling on him.”