NHL Rumors: Could the New Jersey Devils Trade Tyler Toffoli?

Next Stretch is Crucial in Determining the Future of Tyler Toffoli

TSN Hockey Insider Chris Johnston joined Jay Onrait on SportsCenter and when asked about the New Jersey Devils trading Tyler Toffoli, Johnston stated where they stand after the road trip will go a long way in determining what they do.

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Onrait: “And we’re talking about the Calgary Flames. Tyler Toffoli already moved from the Calgary Flames to the New Jersey Devils earlier this season, and now Chris, Toffoli is making his debut on our trade bait board. Are the Devils finally waving the white flag on the season, and Chris who is likely to be looking at Tyler Toffoli?”

Chris Johnston: “They’re not waving it just yet. I would say, but you know, let’s face it, they’ve slipped back in the wild-card race. A lot hasn’t gone right in New Jersey with injuries and other situations this season. And I think that they’re aware that they have, a player who has already scored 25 goals this season and has scored consistently over his career, and then other teams out there are interested.

I think a team like the Edmonton Oilers, for example, would at least have some interest in Tyler Toffoli if he became available, and there’s just not a lot of scoring wingers you know on this market. I mean, we have Jake Guentzel, probably the best example of that, but for teams that strike out on Guentzel, I think Toffoli would be a pretty good consolation prize if, and I have to keep saying if New Jersey does make him available.

NHL Rumors: Devils and Tyler Toffoli Would Like To Get An Extension Done

They’re currently in California on a three-game road trip. And I think where they stand after those three games will go a long way to determining what the Devils do here if they move on from Tyler Toffoli or perhaps keep him. the strangest part of it all is it wasn’t that long ago they were talking about an extension with the player.

They really liked the player. It’s not a case of a bad fit. It’s just more about maximizing the asset with perhaps this season, you know, fading from view in terms of their ability to make the playoffs.”