NHL Rumors: Could the Seattle Kraken Trade Adam Larsson or Anyone Else?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Six Degrees of Chris Chelios episode on if the Seattle Kraken would trade defenseman Adam Larsson, who has one year left. Could they move anyone else?

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Marek: “The Kraken have the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins coming up this week. If things go south, and the Kraken really fall out of it more. Now, I know this player has term. one more season at a really good number, but is there any chance, because I would imagine the demand would be high that they would move Adam Larsson? Right-shot defenseman.”

Friedman: “I’ve been, I’ve been told no. We mentioned him on a podcast a couple of weeks ago about what a perfect person he would be for a lot of teams.”

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Marek: “Yep.”

Friedman: “And I was told that’s not happening. Because I’m with you, I think Larson’s a great player. I’m a big Larson guy. If, like the Seattle guys I’m wondering about are (Justin) Schultz, (Tomas) Tatar, (Jordan) Eberle.

I know they were supposed to talk with Eberle recently, and I had heard as long as term wasn’t an issue, he was probably going to get signed. But you know, obviously, he’s not signed yet.

We mentioned Adam Larsson on a podcast like two months ago about what a perfect fit he would be for teams and someone told me like no chance.”

Marek: “You think about Wennberg here. Do you think about (Alex) Wennberg there as well?”

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Friedman: “Wennberg. Larry Brooks. Yeah, the Rangers. You know, he’s never scored as much as people kind of thought he would but he’s been pretty good this year.
He’s been he’s been pretty good.”