NHL Rumors: Detroit And Toronto Facing Different Pressures

Will Detroit Take Their Shot?

Max Bultman of The Athletic: The Detroit Red Wings find themselves buyers as the trade deadline approaches on Friday. Just because some big names are gone means little to Steve Yzerman. Yzerman knows he has to give something to get something. He wants players that will be there.

With Tanner Jeannot off the board, Jordan Greenway rises to the top of the list. Greenway needs to get it going offensively ($3 million AAV for two more seasons) for Yzerman to pull the trigger. Matt Roy and Nick Jensen are on the radar too. Jensen would be a nice, small add.

And Timo Meier goes to New Jersey after all.

Also, Brock Boeser remains a long shit pipe dream at best. At that $6.65 million AAV, a steep price would still have to be paid. It would check off the additional scoring checkbox. More than likely, Yzerman stays modest.

Toronto Feeling Defenseman Pressure?

Luke Fox of Sportsnet: Are the Toronto Maple Leafs any closer to finding a defenseman this NHL Trade Deadline? Boston added Dmitry Orlov and Tampa Bay just acquired Tanner Jeannot (Tampa is not done either). The arms race heats up to a fever pitch.

Well there is more on Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Toronto too. 

The idea of a big-named defenseman is off the board. Maybe, Luke Schenn comes back or Kyle Dumas looks at a Nick Jensen. Fit is important. Checking all the checkboxes would be great but unlikely.

The reality for the Leafs is one of these smaller deals and not a big splash. Toronto understands their big deal was for Ryan O’Reilly. For better or for worse, the Maple Leafs need to just dam up the defensive hole(s) as best as they can for the playoffs.

No matter what, the season will be judged on if they get past the first round or not. That is the reality. Management has given Sheldon Keefe and the players the tools. Toronto has to go and finish what they started.