NHL Rumors: Is this the year the Arizona Coyotes look to be buyers and not sellers at the trade deadline?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – The Leafs wanted both Zadorov and Tanev episode, on the Arizona Coyotes and are we headed in the direction of the Coyotes looking to add at the trade deadline and not sell?

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Friedman: “First of all the Coyotes. Any success they have is a good thing because no organization needs to build momentum like the Coyotes do, for a lot of different reasons.

So, I find it fascinating. They’re sitting here, they’ve got a 565 win percentage. So it’s not like they’re in the playoffs, because they’ve played more games than anyone else. They’re in the playoffs because their winning percentage dictates they’re in the playoffs.

They have shown an interest in adding this year. You know, the Hanifin thing. They kicked tires on (Flames defenseman Noah) Hanafin. More than kicked tires on Hanifin. They were interested.

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So that, that says to me that Arizona is looking at, how can we make ourselves better. And you’re in a position, look, I always go by goal differential, they’re plus eight. That’s the seventh-best number in the Western Conference, and we all know what they’re trying to do off the ice here.

I think it’s really interesting. I think it’s really fascinating. But when do we get to a point where the Coyotes say, we’re going for it? And I just wonder if your circumstances dictate it’s now.”

Marek: “But that’s it. That’s what I was gonna get to here. You’re Bill Armstrong, General Manager of the team, are you saying to yourself we need to start planning as if we’re going to be adding at trade deadline? And when have we seen the last time we saw the Arizona Coyotes adding at deadline?”

Friedman: “It’s been a long time.”

Marek: “Sure has, but it feels like we’re there right now.”

Friedman: “And what’s the only way you’re gonna get, you’re gonna build momentum to get a building done there? By winning games.”

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Marek: “Now there’s one spot open in the Central because one and two is going to be any combination of in order of the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche. Three is open. So Arizona is looking like they’re interested. And all of a sudden so are Minnesota.