NHL Rumors: Kane, More Kane, And Cale Makar Fallout?

Patrick Kane To Be Traded Very Soon?

Ben Pope of The Chicago Sun Times: The Patrick Kane sweepstakes may be over at any time. All the talk centers on New York and it is only a question of cap space for the Rangers.

Also, consider the fact that, as of press time, Patrick Kane has not been asked to waive his NTC. Now, that could happen at any moment. It may have occurred already. This is a fluid situation and will be something to keep an eye on. Expect things to escalate quickly.

There are many eyes on Patrick Kane.

Also, Brendan Schneider got sent down for the Rangers to save a little cap room the next few days. It now has been reported that the Vancouver Canucks may play facilitator in retaining some of Kane’s salary. Expect a sweetener to sail their way as a third team expects to be involved.

The math is quite tight for New York. It appears the earliest a trade could come to fruition is Wednesday afternoon with the latest Friday afternoon. It is that 48 hour window when the inevitable is supposed to become reality.

Cale Makar And The Colorado Avalanche

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic: Are the Colorado Avalanche ready to make some moves as they get closer and closer to the division lead once more?

Hey, we have a bunch of quick hitters here. 

Two bumps to the head with Makar has Colorado in a dilemma. Add in the Gabriel Landeskog situation and the Avalanche do not have the security to mess around too much. Erik Johnson appears out for the rest of the regular season. One has to wonder who else may be as well.

The reality for Colorado is this. They need clarity. Chris MacFarland, the General Manager, will not admit his LTIR fate just yet. Colorado clearly is looking for positional help but not just defense.

Still, Colorado wants their top players back, but the possibility of Makar and/or Landeskog being out longer term is frightening but not fatal. Stay tuned!