NHL Rumors: Nashville Predators, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, and the San Jose Sharks

The Rangers would be one of the teams interested in Tanner Jeannot if the Preds make him available

Alex Daugherty: Larry Brooks said that the Nashville Predators will be talking to teams about their pending RFA forward Tanner Jeannot if the Preds become sellers and if they aren’t close to an extension.

The New York Rangers scouted the Predators-Panthers game on Saturday and are one of the teams that are interested in Jeannot.

Alex Daugherty: Still believe that the Predators like Jeannot as part of their core going forward but if they decide to move him, they could probably get a decent return for him despite having a bit of a down year.

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The Oilers acquiring Erik Karlsson may still be a long shot

TSN: Chris Johnston on the Edmonton Oilers interest in San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson.

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Host: “Now among the players 6 through 10 (on the latest NHL trade bait board), Erik Karlsson. We’ll have more on that in a moment. Patrick Kane 132 points in 136 career playoff games, and hasn’t played in the postseason since the 2020 bubble.

Joined now by our hockey insider Chris Johnston. CJ, Erik Karlsson is the biggest riser on this week’s trade bait board, moving up to number six. Why is that?

Johnston: “Well, it’s simple. The Edmonton Oilers are interested in acquiring him and I think that that mire fact alone is what we were missing when he was lower on the board.

Erik Karlsson is having a historically great season but it was still generally thought that he would be difficult to move. I still think he’s going to be difficult to move because of his cap hit and the future seasons on his deal.

NHL Rumors: Is Erik Karlsson A Realistic Option For The Edmonton Oilers?

But when you have the Oilers now re-engaging for a second time to see if there is a fit with San Jose. I know it may still not be likely that it happens. It might still be a long shot but what you have is a team that makes a lot of sense. You have two weeks here to still get a deal done.

And as long as we know those talks are live or active or haven’t been shut down, I think Erik Karlsson merits a spot up near the top of this list.