NHL Rumors: Noah Hanifin Deal More Complicated Than First Thought

Multiple Teams Still Interested in Noah Hanifin, But It’s Complicated

TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun joined SportsCenter with Jay Onrait and when asked why the Noah Hanifin deal has taken so long, he stated it is a bit more complicated than the other deals the Calgary Flames already made.

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Jay Onrait:  “There’s still one big domino to fall in Calgary. Noah Hanifin. Number one on our Trade Bait Board. You alluded to it, and CJ, you mentioned yesterday on the show Pierre, Boston’s kick tires. We know about the Tampa interest. You guys have talked about that extensively. What’s the latest on the Hanifin front?”

Pierre LeBrun: “Yeah, I mean, listen, certainly, Tampa and Boston continue to have interest. The problem for both those teams is neither one of them has a first-round pick this year, Jay. So, that’s not ideal for Calgary.

Interestingly, too, and listen, the list of teams is longer than just two. There are several teams that continue to call Calgary, but as of Thursday, you know how quickly the info changes this time of year. All I can tell you is as of Thursday, the indications that we’re getting out of Calgary was that they were not really close on a Hanifin deal.

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That there was still a lot of work to be done here and sort of you know, feeling out the markets and the offer and part of that I wonder, you know, Hanifin is a left shot D there’s so much interest right now in the trade market for right shot D. We just saw two right-shot D traded within 24 hours, so how much of that is into it?

But there are other things. I mean, Hanifin has a modified no-trade clause, so he gets to pick to some degree where he can go. Pat Brisson, the agent for Noah Hanifin has talked to some about whether an extension is possible as part of this, which by the way would be good for Calgary because if he signed as part of this, they should get more in a trade.

So it’s a more complicated deal than Tanev, I guess, is what I’m getting to, and I think they may need all of next week to get it done.”