NHL Rumors: Scouting BUF-WPG and SEA-EDM, and Ivan Provorov

Scouting the Buffalo Sabres and Winnipeg Jets

Michael Augello: Scouts listed to attend last night’s Sabres-Jets game in Buffalo include the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Avalanche and Panthers scouted both Sabres games on the weekend.

Shawn Hutcheon: The Sabres and Jets haven’t been scouting games in Boston on a regular basis over the past month.

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Scouting the Seattle Kraken and Edmonton Oilers on Saturday

Emerald City Hockey: Scouts listed to attend Saturday’s Kraken-Oilers game include the Tampa Bay Lightning (2), Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, and Detroit Red Wings.

Could the Columbus Blue Jackets find a new home for Ivan Provorov?

The Fourth Period: David Pagnotta, and Dennis Bernstein on Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Ivan Provorov and his name being out there.

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Pagnotta: “If we didn’t want to complicate things in the defensive market guys, then I guess we shouldn’t talk about Ivan Provorov but since he is out there, DB, another guy left shot defenseman. One year left on his contract. Sounds, cap hit, and the Columbus Blue Jackets could retain a little bit more, LA, because of that summer three-way trade right eating a good chunk of it. But he could be an option for teams looking for a guy with at least one more year left on his deal.

Bernstein: “Yeah, and I’m sure he wants to get out of Columbus Dave, right? I mean, what’s going on in Columbus right now. So could he help a contender right now? Would it probably be like a three-way deal which we’re starting to see. Like multiple three-way deals, to cost you a fourth-round pick for a little bit of retention.

But Provorov, look, put them on a contending team, I think his game would certainly elevate from what we’ve seen in Columbus. So I wouldn’t be shocked if by March 8th, even though that’s under the radar right now with Provorov, he could be an option for some contenders as well.

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Pagnotta: “And look out for Tampa. They like their guys that have term, even maybe the Florida Panthers they’re exploring their, their market a little bit in the reach a little bit on the defensive side of things with some guys and Noah Hanifin, another player on their radar.