NHL Rumors: What if the Winnipeg Jets don’t make the playoffs?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on The Jeff Marek Show on the Winnipeg Jets.

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Marek: “Here’s the thing cause I was thinking the same thing night as it wraps up, they double them up 4-2. Minnesota wins and Marc-Andre Fleury to your point was great with 46 saves.

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I kind of look at Winnipeg and think the same thing, if they do fall out of it and it doesn’t end up happening, playoffs that is for the Winnipeg Jets, how much does that profoundly change their offseason given the number of expiring contracts.

Friedman: “It’s huge. It’s huge.

Marek: “It’s not so very much the belief that if they get into the playoffs (hard to understand exactly what Marek is saying) and they do something that, it’s let’s take one more run at it next year. But if they don’t get in and do anything this year, how much does that change for Kevin Cheveldayoff

Friedman: “I think it changes a lot. I think it does because suddenly you start to look at it and say, and again, I don’t always like hypotheticals. Their math is still good. It still favors them and God only knows what can happen when you get in.

And like I said, I thought they played really well, but if you’re in a situation where you’ve missed the playoffs in back-to-back seasons, you have to make some hard decisions, especially where the contracts are.

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I do think the Jets and the Canadiens have occasionally talked about Dubois, and sometimes more seriously than others. But obviously, he’s still there, but that’s something you can punt to the summer. I don’t think you really have to answer this now, but it’s a bit more nerve-racking Jeff for them, and I think than they all thought it was going to be.”