Top 50 NHL Prospects Heading into the 2023-24 Season

Two top 50 NHL prospects lists heading into the 2023-24 season – the NHL Network and Scott Wheeler of The Athletic.

2022-23 Top 10 Winnipeg Jets Prospects

The good news for Winnipeg Jets fans is if they embrace a rebuild, the prospect pool already has plenty of players with potential that are close or not far away from being NHL-ready.

2022-23 Top 10 Washington Capitals Prospects

The prospect pool is shallow but getting better. The Caps had been quick to trade away first-round picks while they were a Cup contender.

2022-23 Top 10 Vegas Golden Knights Prospects

Vegas has had tremendous immediate success, but at the expense of future assets, and as a result, the prospect pool is one of the league’s weaker groups.

2022-23 Top 10 Vancouver Canucks Prospects

The Canucks prospect pool is on the weak side, but they have added some key prospects via trade recently to help bolster their depth.

2022-23 Top 10 Toronto Maple Leafs Prospects

The Maple traded away their first-round selection in three of the past four drafts which has depleted their prospect pool.

2022-23 Top 10 St. Louis Blues Prospects

The St. Louis Blues have several top prospects who could be ready to make the jump to the NHL full-time next season.

2022-23 Top 10 San Jose Sharks Prospects

Sharks GM Mike Grier has begun acquiring prospects and draft picks and in short order has built some depth in the pipeline and hope for the future.

2022-23 Top 10 Pittsburgh Penguins Prospects

The Penguins prospect pool is weak, the lack of draft picks and questionable development has left them depleted of NHL talent.

2022-23 Top 10 Philadelphia Flyers Prospects

It’s good for their system that they’ll have a high pick as their prospect pool is also average to weak overall offering little hope for a quick turnaround.

2022-23 Top 10 New York Rangers Prospects

The New York Rangers prospect pipeline may not be elite as it recently was but still boasts some promising prospects.

2022-23 Top 10 New York Islanders Prospects

The prospect pool offers little relief in the future as the Islanders have not drafted in the first round since 2019 when they selected Simon Holmstrom 23rd overall.