2021-22 Top 10 Washington Capitals Prospects

Years of making the playoffs and going for it have left the cupboard a little bare for the Washington Capitals.

2021-22 Top 10 Vegas Golden Knights Prospects

Vegas Golden Knights Prospects: The prospect cupboard is not devoid of potential stars and has some depth that could pan out as well in supporting roles.

2021-22 Top 10 Vancouver Canucks Prospects

While their current prospect pool is one of the weakest in the NHL, the team has graduated some elite prospects recently.

2021-22 Top 10 Toronto Maple Leafs Prospects

They have only three picks overall currently for the 2022 draft but have several young players in the prospect pool that can step into the lineup in the near future.

2021-22 Top 10 Tampa Bay Lightning Prospects

The Tampa Bay Lightning have one of the weakest prospect pools in the NHL. But that’s OK since they are also back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions.

2021-22 Top 10 St. Louis Blues Prospects

The St. Louis Blues have used recent draft picks to keep them competitive and as a result, their prospect pool is not too deep.

2021-22 Top 10 Seattle Kraken Prospects

With an influx of prospects coming in the 2023 draft and a dedicated AHL development team coming the future looks brighter, but it’s going to be a long road.

2021-22 Top 10 San Jose Sharks Prospects

The San Jose Sharks will be heading back to the lottery again this offseason after selecting William Eklund seventh overall last year.

2021-22 Top 10 Pittsburgh Penguins Prospects

Having only one first-round pick in the past seven NHL drafts has severely depleted the Penguins prospect pool talent and depth.

2021-22 Top 10 Ottawa Senators Prospects

The Ottawa Senators are a very young team (25.31 age average) and still have some promising prospects in the system.