NHL Rumors: Buffalo Sabres GM Kevyn Adams could look to reward his team with a deadline move or two

NHL Network: The Buffalo Sabres want to give their young guys the experience in the playoffs, but they could look to add a veteran if it doesn’t bump anyone to far down the roster.

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Steve Konroyd: “I think it’s an arms race cause you look at the Toronto’s and the Boston’s and the Tampa Bay’s, they’re all loaded, but the Buffalo Sabres are making a push.

And they have not made the playoffs since 2011, so Kevyn Adams, the general manager there, I think wants to reward the fans. He wants to reward the team and maybe wants them to get, maybe a little grittier, maybe a little tougher and I think they can do that with a guy like Boone Jenner.

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Who is, no one really talks about the Columbus Blue Jackets. Listen, they’re obviously not going to make the playoffs. They’ve got a lot of really key pieces, I don’t know if Boone Jenner will be a part of it.

He’s another captain. We talked about a bunch of captains possibly getting traded. Boone Jenner was a key, remember when in 2019 when Columbus knocked off the Tampa Bay Lightning, Boone Jenner was an assistant captain at the time but he was a big part of that.

He’s injured right now but it’s a finger injury. He will be back. When he comes back I could see him sliding into that Buffalo Sabres lineup seamlessly. And he’ll added toughness. He hits everything that moves. He can chip in the odd goal too and I think he’s a glue guy in the dressing room.

So, not a big name but I think a guy who can really help a team.”

Mike Johnson: “And he can play center or wing which allows you to put him where it’s best suited cause I think what Buffalo wants to do is make the playoffs, but let their young players get the experience.

They don’t want Dylan Cozens to get bumped down the lineup cause Boone Jenner has to play a little bit. Not that they would but they want those guys to get the action as well.

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One other thought about Columbus, same kind of idea but on the back end, like a (Vladislav) Gavrikov into Buffalo.”

Konroyd: “Yes.”

Johnson: “Big, heavy, strong defender. Bottom-pair guy. Can just kind of round out your options for the push. Maybe someone like that.”