NHL Teams That Could Benefit From A Flat Salary Cap in 2020-21

Looking at seven NHL teams that could be in a position this offseason to take advantage of the 2020-21 salary cap remaining flat at $81.5 million.

Key Details in The NHL & NHLPA Return-to-Play and CBA Extension Agreement

The voting process of the agreement on Return to Play and a CBA extension is underway. A look at some of the noteworthy details that have been made known.

NHL Teams Most Affected By a Flat Salary Cap for 2020-21

The flattening of the NHL salary cap at $81.5 million definitely will make business a little trickier for some teams. Here is a look at teams that will be most affected.

Notable Points in the Proposed NHL Return-to-Play Plan and CBA Extension

Breaking down some of the key points that the NHL and NHLPA are discussing for their return to play plan and for an extension of the CBA.

Results of 2020 NHL Draft Lottery Sparks Outrage and Calls for Change

From fans, to media, to executives, there is a lot of unhappiness towards the NHL draft lottery. Many are calling for a change.

What Could We See in the Next NHL CBA?

The NHL and NHLPA continue to hammer away at a CBA extension that could be in place before the play-in rounds begin.

Notable Former NHL Stars Still Awaiting Induction Into Hockey Hall of Fame

NHL Players Jarome Iginla, Marian Hossa, Doug Wilson and Kevin Lowe were elected to the 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame. There are some players who are still eligible that are awaiting the call.

NHL Pushing Ahead for Playoff Tournament Despite Positive COVID-19 Tests

Phase 3 is fast approaching. The NHL still plans to keep going despite 11 players testing positive during Phase 2, and the Tampa Bay Lighting having to shut down their training facilities.

NHL Return-to-Play Plan: Is A CBA Extension Possible?

Aside from trying to finalize all the details to complete this season, the NHL and NHLPA have continued discussions on a CBA extension.

NHL Return-to-Play Plan: Expect Different Hockey in the Round Robin and Qualifying Round

In a normal season, teams are usually entering the playoffs bruised and battered. This year will be different as almost all players are coming in fresh. Some players who would have been out, are now healthy enough to return.

NHL Return-to-Play Plan: Could Changes to This Season’s Schedule Become Permanent?

With this season potentially being pushed into October, a December, maybe January start to next season could push the 2021-22 Stanley Cup Final into July. There is some talk that a later finish could become the norm.

NHL Return-To-Play Plan: The Draft Lottery

With the 24-team playoff format, losers of the play-in series have a chance to win the NHL draft lottery. There is the possibility Alexis Lafreniere could end up on the wing beside Auston Matthews or Connor McDavid/Leon Draisaitl.