NHL Injury Updates: Ducks, Coyotes, Bruins, Stars, Panthers, Kings, Wild, Rangers, Senators, Penguins, Leafs, Canucks and Capitals

Carlo could return tonight. Seguin and Malkin returned last night. Panarin leaves after Wilson mugging. Foligno leaves with UBI.

NHL News: Colby Cave Passes Away, NCAA Award Winners, and Prospect Signings

Colby Cave passes away, NCAA award winners, two prospect signings and some Neutral site options.

Hockey News: KHL Cancels Season, Richter and Hobey Baker Semi-Finalists, and Bedard Gets Exceptional Status

The KHL cancels their season, is their future in trouble? Richter and Hobey Baker Award semi-finalists. The WHL granted Connor Bedard exceptional status for next season.

NHL Rumors: Canucks Still Looking To Sign Players … GMs Don’t Like the Bye Week

Canucks still looking at a college free agent …  talking to agents of their own prospects. GMs don’t like the bye week but it’s likely not going away

NHL News: The Vancouver Canucks Sign a College Free Agent And Their 2016 Second-Round Pick

The Vancouver Canucks signed college free agent Marc Michaelis and 2016 draft pick Will Lockwood