NHL Playoffs 2024: Favorites, Underdogs, and MVP Contenders

The NHL playoffs loom, and the league’s landscape is buzzing with anticipation.…

NHL Odds: Boston Bruins Remain Strong Favorite to Win Stanley Cup

As the NHL playoffs approach, many hockey fans are turning their attention…

2022-23 NHL preview: Colorado Avalanche

Are we betting on the Avalanche to win the cup? They’re worth it, for sure. The only downside is the juice.

2022-23 NHL preview: Toronto Maple Leafs

Are we betting on the Leafs to win the cup? I’d have a hard time wagering on the Leafs right now. Yes, they’re good

2022-23 NHL preview: Florida Panthers

Are we betting on the Panthers to win the cup? I wouldn’t. I think this team is bound to take a step back this season.

2022-23 NHL preview: Tampa Bay Lightning

Are we betting on the Lightning to win the cup? They’re always worth a sprinkle.

2022-23 NHL preview: Carolina Hurricanes

Are we betting on the Hurricanes to win the cup? Most definitely. +1100 odds are solid for a team that is as deep as the Hurricanes are.

2022-23 NHL preview: Calgary Flames

Are we betting on the Flames to win the cup? This team is worth a sprinkle. No matter how tepid I am, this team has elite talent in key places on their team.

2022-23 NHL preview: Edmonton Oilers

Are we betting on the Oilers to win the cup? The Oilers are definitely worth some action.

2022-23 NHL preview: Minnesota Wild

While this team has lots of nice pieces, they’re still a young club and I’m not convinced they have what it takes to go all the way.

2022-23 NHL preview: New York Rangers

Welcome to the 2022-23 season preview as brought to you by Betway…

2022-23 NHL preview: Pittsburgh Penguins

Are we betting on the Penguins to win the cup? This is a team that could be worth a wager as a longshot with a realistic upside.