Traded Draft Picks for the 2022 NHL Draft and the 2023 NHL Draft

Will teams be willing to trade their first-round picks this year with such a deep draft? Draft picks that each team has for 2023 and 2024 NHL draft.

NHL Rumors: Philadelphia Flyers – Fifth Overall, Morgan Frost, Owen Tippett and John Tortorella

On the Flyers fifth overall pick in the 2022 NHL draft. Talks with Morgan Frost and Owen Tippett to begin soon.

2022 NHL Draft Rankings

The 2022 NHL draft is set for July 7 and 8th. A look at our 2022 NHL draft rankings.

2022 NHL Draft: Draft Slots, and Top 10 NHL Scouting Combine Results

The Canadiens draft slots have the potentially walking away with 1 star and 3-4 NHLers. Some 2022 NHL draft combine results.

NHL Rumors: New Jersey Devils and the Draft, Chicago Blackhawks Coaching Candidates

Devils are still open to moving their first-round pick, which is now No. 2. 10 coaching candidates for the Chicago Blackhawks

2022 NHL Draft Lottery Odds and Date

The 2022 NHL Draft lottery will be held on Tuesday, May 10th at the NHL Network’s studio and the draft lottery odds are….

NHL News: Golden Knights, Waivers, Two Fined, Blackhawks, Red Wings and Game 1’s

Golden Knights sign Brisson. Two Avs fined. Red Wings moving on from three coaches. Game 1 playoff matchups and dates.

Traded Draft Picks for the 2022 NHL Draft and 2023 NHL Draft

A look at the draft picks that each team has for the 2022 and 2023 NHL draft.

2021 NHL Draft: Traded Draft Picks – Pre Draft

A look at all the traded draft picks ahead of the 2021 NHL draft.

NHL News: Draft Lottery, Ted Lindsey Award, Injury Notes, and Avalanche Streaks

Sabres win the NHL draft lottery. Ted Lindsey Award finalists. Smith practices with Bruins. Hayes has surgery. DeMelo and Stastny injured.

2021, 2022 NHL Draft Picks For Each Team

Taking a look at the current 2021 NHL draft picks that each team owns. With the NHL trade deadline later this month, many picks will be moved.