2020 NHL Draft: Chase Yoder Could Become Another Drafted Texan

There is currently four NHL players who have come from the state of Texas. 2020 NHL draft prospect Chase Yoder hopes to be one of the next Texans to make it to the NHL.

2020 NHL Draft: Alexander Holtz Isn’t Creating Enough Chatter

Despite being in almost everyone’s top 10, in the top 5 for some, there hasn’t been much chatter about Sweden’s Alexander Holtz.

NHL Rumors: Trade And Draft Options For The Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings will have some salary cap space and could look to take advantage of it. Draft options for the Red Wings at No. 4.

Teams Continue to Prepare for NHL Draft

The next phase of the draft lottery is set for August 10th, with the draft being held on October 9th. A look at Cohen’s latest NHL draft rankings.

NHL News: CBA and Return To Play Ratified, Draft Dates Set, and Two Players Opt-Out

The NHLPA and the Board of Governors ratified the six-year CBA and Return to Play plan. The 2020 NHL draft will be held on October 9th and 10th. Two players opt-out in playing this year.

2020 NHL Draft: Drew Commesso Could Surprise Some People Down the Road

Drew Commesso is the third-ranked goaltender for the 2020 NHL draft but he might not hear his name until the third round. He’ll get a couple more opportunities to showcase his skills before the NHL draft this fall.

The Best And Worst Luck In NHL Draft Lottery History

The Detroit Red Wings didn’t have luck on their side, but a play-in team will. This is not the first time. A look at some lucky and unlucky moments in NHL draft lottery history.

Results of 2020 NHL Draft Lottery Sparks Outrage and Calls for Change

From fans, to media, to executives, there is a lot of unhappiness towards the NHL draft lottery. Many are calling for a change.

2020 NHL Draft: Yaroslav Askarov is Almost a Virtual Top Ten Lock

There is a really good chance that Russian goaltender Yaroslav Askarov gets picked in the top 10 of the 2020 NHL draft. He sits at No. 9 in Featurd’s 2020 NHL draft rankings.

NHL Rumors: Ottawa Senators, and the Buffalo Sabres

It would be difficult for the Ottawa Senators to trade a top pick, but others to move though. Lawrence Pilut wanted a one-way deal and the Buffalo Sabres may not have offered until it was too late.

NHL News: Phase 2 Notes, Playing For the Cup And Not The No. 1 Pick, And A Draft Lottery Video

All Coyotes in town by today. Flames almost all present. It’s about the Cup and not the No. 1 pick. Post draft lottery talk about the results and about the draft.

NHL Rumors: New Jersey Devils, Ottawa Senators, and the Buffalo Sabres

Ruff still a Devils coaching candidate. Senators likely to keep their top two picks. The Buffalo Sabres should trade their first-round pick and could also sweeten the pot with Brandon Montour.